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Organizational Characteristics


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The following two PDF files are copies of the VISN and medical center instruments.

Inventory of Organizational Characteristics VISN

Inventory of Organizational Characteristics Facilities


VA Medical Center Reports by VISN

VA Network Reports

Organizational Characteristics

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has excellent clinical databases, but nothing comparable for organizational characteristics. Recognizing this gap, COLMR is working with its Collaborating Partners Council (CPC) to compile a systematic organizational database for VHA. The Collaborating Partners Council includes network leaders from VISNs 1, 10, 22 and 23 and leaders of the Management Support Office (MSO) and National Center for Organization Development (NCOD). To obtain organizational data not collected nationally in VA, COLMR and the CPC conducted an inventory of VISNs and medical centers in the late summer and fall of 2005. The Inventory of VHA Organizational Characteristics was designed to obtain data on a range of structural and process characteristics that are expected to affect clinical practice and care to veterans. Data for the inventory were collected by means of a web-based survey sent to VISN and medical center directors. Links to the web-based Inventory instruments can be found to the right.

Results are intended as a resource for both researchers and managers in VA. The Inventory is not associated with a single research effort, but is designed to facilitate the creation of a centralized catalogue of organizational characteristics and processes at all VISNs and medical centers that will be used for many purposes. With data from every network and virtually every medical center, managers and researchers will be able to compare existing structures, processes, and features across the system, and to address a variety of management-relevant questions by linking network and facility characteristics to organizational performance.

Inventory results:

All VISNs and 136 medical centers completed the Inventory. One Inventory was submitted per organization.

Links at the right provide access to the Inventory results for Medical Centers and VISNs.

Medical Center results are reported by VISN. Most but not all information provided by medical centers are included in these reports; some information such as organization charts is not easily presented in this format. For each VISN, results are organized by survey item or variable with results presented for each facility, the VISN overall and a national summary.

Network Results are reported in the VISN Summary Report with an accompanying Narrative Supplement that provides further detail on text-response items. For each survey item or variable, results are presented for every VISN together with a national summary. If you have questions about the Inventory, please contact Zoë LeVan at